Do you want to surprise your guests with an unforgetable acrobatic show at a corporate event, party, ball or other cultura or sport event?

In this case look no further! We would gladly prepare an acrobatic cycling show for you with backup music. If you like, we can compose unicycles into our performance as well.

Our portolio includes:

  • short, dynamic show, with the duration up to 10 minutes – suitable for opening shows at balls, cultural and other events
  • interactive show, with 30 minute duration – includes several choreographies, also an interaction with the audience, which gives a space for them to try out our specially designed bicycles in the form of a small competition
  • thematic show, with the duration up to 30 minutes – our performance can be modified according to the theme of the event or the expectations of the client (different dresses, backup music, etc.)
  • motivational project, with the duration up to 45 minutes„Don’t lay at home! Go cycling!” suitable for school groups in the age from 6 to 18 years (the content is based on the age of the students)

Technical demands:
For our acrobatic shows we need an even, not too smooth platform with the dimenson of approx. 8×8 meters – 27×27 feet (interior or exterior).