According to the statistics there is more and more unhealthy and obese children. The unhealthy lifestyle and the absence of exercising in the life of children and teenagers plays a fundamental role in the development of obesity and disorders of muscular and skeletal systems.

Sport is a great way to teach the youth how to cope with failure. They also learn to accept rules. They can be more self-disciplined, assertive and responsible. We would gladly talk about the positive effects of regular exercising with the students. We would tell our experiences as well, which we were able to come across thanks to artistic cycling. We went through a lot together. We were representing our country, Slovakia for years and we have won several medals in the World Championship, but also in different international competitions.

„Don’t lay at home! Go cycling!” is a special motivational/educational project suited for students from 6 to 18 years. The duration of the discourse is 45 minutes. It takes place directly in schools in a bigger hall during the school day.

The aim of the project „Don’t lay at home! Go cycling” is to motivate the children and teenagers for a healthier lifestyle, sports and exercises – which includes daily usage of bicycles instead of cars.

The discourse includes practical demonstration of artistic cycling performed by the winners of the Czecho Slovakia’s GoT Talent show in 2016 and also the 3rd place winners of the World Championship. It is an interactive program, where several students will be able to try out the special bicycles used in artistic cycling.

The program highlights the importance of everyday sport, exercising and the significance of a healthy lifestyle.

The discourse is accompanied by a meet and greet with the cyclists.

Through sports and the motivational project „Don’t lay at home! Go cycling!” we strive for the development of students personality, teach them to be more responsible, humane and fair. More information: +421 903 193 855 /